Tegu Crispus

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Msc., Medicine (Paediatrics and  Child Health), Makerere University
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8:00am-5:00 pm
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Dr. Tegu
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Crispus is a Lecturer at Busitema University's Faculty of Health Sciences in the department of Paediatrics and Child Health. Aside from being a Senior Consultant in Paediatrics and Child Health, he is also the Clanical Head of Paediatrics and Child Health Department.Under this role, he ensures that the department runs efficiently. Crispus holds a Masters Degree in Paediatric Medicine from Makerere University and a Diploma in Health Policy from Canadian Christian Medical Institute

Publications and Papers
  • Bacterial diarrheal Infections in Neonates 1988
  • Job satisfaction in Nora Hospital Employees. 2002
  • Comparative nutritional value of Cows milk and soya milk 2007
  • Fast fluid replacement in severely sick children 2013
  •  Rate of Malaria parasites clearance when under Quinine treatment 2003
  •  The relationship between malaria parasite density and clinical outcomes .2021
  • The relationship between severe malaria and parasite density 2022
  • The level of glycated hemoglobin as a marker of diabetes Melitus control 2023
  • Splenic size as an indicator of severity of Sickle cell anemia crises 2023
  • Authored and implemented the Curriculum for MPC Postgraduate program
  • Authored the students assessment log-books for clinical students yr 4 and 5 of BUFHS
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Senior Consultant  in Paediatrics and  Child Health

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Paediatrics and  Child Health
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Academic Staff