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Ph.D., Physics, Makere University
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Dr. Richard
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Dr. Ssenyunzi is a lecturer in the Department of Physics at the faculty of Science and Education; He, holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Makerere University, a Masters of science in Physics from University of Bergen and a Bachelor of Science in Education from Makerere University. Ssenyunzi has a vast exprience in academia having lectured at in the  department of physics since 2010 to date. His stay at the faculty of Science and Education has seen him supervise a mnumber of undergraduate students' projects and school practices. 

Publications and Papers
  • Ssenyunzi, R.C., Oruru, B., Dujanga, F.M., Realini, E., Barindelli, S., Tagli aferro, G., & van de Giesen, N. (2019). Variability and accuracy of Zenith Total Delay over the East African Tropical Region. Adv. Space Res., 64, 900 - 920.
  • Ssenyunzi, R. C., Oruro, B., D’ujanga, F.M., Realini, E., Barindelli, S., Tagliaferro, G., van de Giesen, N., & von Engeln, A. (2020). Performance of ERA5 data in retrieving Precipitable Water Vapour over East African tropical region. Adv. Space Res. 65, 1877-1893.
  •  Ssenyunzi, R. C., Oruro, B., D’ujanga, F.M. (2021). Linear regression models to predict the tropospheric parameters at the Global Positioning systems’ sites over the East African region. East African Journal of Science, Technology and Innovation 2(3).
  • Amabayo, E. B, Andima, G., Ssenyunzi, R. C. (2021). Instantaneous Ionospheric Scintillation Mapping over the East African Region by use of GPS Derived Amplitude Scintillation Proxy. Asian Journal of Research and Reviews in Physics 4(2): 6-20.
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Member, Rotary club of Buloba
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Academic Staff